Looking for a leather RFID wallet or RFID card holder for men?


RFID Wallet and Card Holder

It is a well-known fact that men don’t tend to carry much on their person, apart from the essentials; phone, keys…..wallet!

With the continuous advances in technology, our society is becoming cashless and people are relying more on card and contactless payments.

Here at SageBrown, we have developed a range of hand-crafted leather RFID protected wallets and card holders against contactless payment theft.

What is RFID protection and why do you need it?


RFID Explained

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices), are devices that contain an extremely thin chip, for example bank cards and passports that allows the user to wave their device in front of a scanner for payment/identification. The most common use of this is in contactless payments. Whilst this allows for easier and quicker spending and travel, it also allows easier access for scammers to take money or information from you, by simply putting a scanning device close enough to your contactless card.
Whilst in most cases there is a limit as to how much can be spent in a single contactless payment (currently £100 in the UK), it is deeply upsetting and frustrating should it happen. However, you can take simple preventative measures to keep your money and personal details safe with SageBrown’s RFID blocking wallets and card holders.
Our RFID wallets incorporate an ultra-thin metal fibre mesh in their linings to give you peace of mind that your cards are safe from contactless payment theft.


How does digital pick pocketing actually work?


Contactless Credit Card Fraud

Unfortunately it is simple for criminals to steal your hard earned money. All they need is a portable payment device and by standing close to you on a busy train, bus or tram the criminals withdraw money from your account in small amounts so that pin numbers aren’t required.

Fortunately it is very simple to prevent all this by keeping your credit and debit cards in an RFID wallet.

Features of our RFID Wallets and Card Holders


RFID Blocking Metal Mesh Lining

An ultra-thin foil film simply stops the radiation. This film lining is incorporated in an invisible way on the inside of our leather wallets allowing the wallet to retain its luxurious, elegant feel and classic design while your cards remain safe.
Specially developed for shielding electromagnetic waves the foil barrier stops all relevant frequencies with a range of 125 kHz LF to 13.56 MHz HF.

Our top tips to prevent criminals from taking money from your account unnoticed.

1. Make sure you keep your payment card in an RFID wallet!

2. Always block the view when entering your PIN code. As soon as criminals get your code, they are able to access larger amounts digitally.


Do you still have doubts about the safety of contactless payment? Then you have a few more options.

1. Switch off contactless payments.(This is often possible via the banking app on your phone).

2. You can also lower the daily limit for debit card payments. In this way you limit the damage if your cards are compromised.


SageBrown RFID Wallet and RFID Card Holder Edit

Whether it is a gift to yourself, a friend, or a family member a wallet is a timeless essential. Peruse our RFID wallet and card case edit and stay protected in style.


Flat Leather Credit Card Case with RFID Protection


RFID Blocking Flat Credit Card Holder

This sleek cardholder is the latest addition to our RFID card holder selection. Perfect for gents who prefer to travel light, it has a card slot on both sides, and the RFID protected card section in the middle. It is ultra-slim, lightweight and fits perfectly into a pocket. Handmade in calf leather in a variety of textures and colours with our trusted signature SageBrown logo embossed on the back.

Bi-Fold Soft Leather Credit Card Case with RFID Protection


RFID Credit Card Case

Another for those who prefer to travel light is this bi-fold slim RFID credit card wallet. It is handmade in a butter-soft lambs’ leather, available in either plain or two-tone colour combination and lined with RFID protection. Inside there is space for three credit cards and the edges of each card slot have been hand-turned over and scored for an added luxurious finish. There is a clear ID window and 4 slip pockets behind the card slots to store receipts or cash. Practical and discreet this is the perfect card wallet to fit into a shirt or trouser pocket.

Slim Leather Credit Card Case with RFID Protection


RFID Credit Card Holder

With beautiful turned edges and the added protection of RFID lining, this card case has a total of four credit card slots (1 vertical, 1 angled each side). There are also two slip pockets behind the card slots to store receipts or cash and a handy pocket on the reverse for a travel card. It is available in both a fine super soft lambs’ leather and a more rigid calf leather in plain or two-tone colour variations.


Compact Leather Billfold Wallet with RFID Protection


RFID Leather Wallet

This is one of our best-selling luxurious compact leather RFID wallets which has been hand-stitched by master craftsmen from fine calf hide. Inside the wallet features eight shaped credit card slots and two slip pockets. All the edges have been folded over for that extra touch of luxury. The note section at the back is divided into two sections and luxuriously lined with suede. A slim wallet that fits beautifully in your hip pocket and will be a faithful friend for life.

Bridle Hide Men’s Classic Wallet with RFID Protection

Luxury RFID Bridle Hide Wallet

This is our best-selling luxurious premium bridle leather classic wallet which has been hand-stitched by master craftsmen from traditional English bridle hide with a luxurious smooth texture in a variety of classic and contemporary colours. This traditional design is compatible with modern day life and RFID blocking technology. Opening the wallet reveals a total of ten horizontal credit card slots and 2 slip pockets behind. All the edges have been folded over for that extra touch of luxury. The note section at the back is divided into two sections with a leather-bound edge and luxuriously lined with fine leather. A slim wallet that fits beautifully in your hip pocket and will be a faithful friend for life.

Don’t Forget About Personalisation!


Personalisation Service


To make your wallet extra special, here at Sage Brown we offer personalised embossing of up to four characters on the majority of our wallets and card holders.
Embossing embellishes the leather by indenting uppercase initials or wording through pressure. We offer blind embossing (no colour), gold or silver in Helvetica font.
For up to four characters including full stops, if required, there is a flat price of £15.00.

SageBrown probably has the largest independent wallet collection in the UK. View our Men's RFID Leather Wallet and Card Collection here and select from a vast array of styles, colours and textures.

If you cant find what you're looking for then we offer a bespoke service, satisfying even the hardest to please.


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