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Meet Edmond Kamara / @CutsForHim

@cutsforhim, Edmond Kamara

Recently, SageBrown had the privilege of collaborating with Edmond Kamara on a photoshoot at the prestigious Dukes Hotel. In this exclusive interview, we sit down for a heart-to-heart with Edmond Kamara, offering an intimate glimpse into his business dynamics, personal inspirations, parenting experiences, and a sneak peek into thrilling future events. Prepare to immerse yourself into Edmond Kamara's world and unravel the persona behind the trailblazing platform.

Edmond Kamara

In 2015, Edmond Kamara, a London-based visionary, established @CutsForHim, (C F Him), a platform that aims to redefine men's fashion and lifestyle for the modern gentleman. Edmond Kamara encourages men to embrace individual style, sartorial elegance, and a comprehensive approach to modern living.

Emphasising Individual Style

Cuts For Him

To truly stand out in a world dominated by trends, C F Him places a strong emphasis on the importance of individual style. Follow him on Instagram, @cutsforhim, and discover the secrets of carving a unique sense of fashion, regardless of fleeting trends, to make a lasting impression wherever you go.

Comprehensive Coverage

Edmond Kamara

Beyond fashion, C F Him offers a comprehensive range of lifestyle topics, including grooming, travel, fitness, art and culture, and hotels. Explore the platform's insightful advice and recommendations to enhance every aspect of your life.

Authenticity and Originality


C F Him maintains its authenticity and originality by staying true to its core values of how a gentleman with panache should carry himself. Drawing inspiration from the creative industry, Edmond Kamara ensures that C F Him remains an authentic and unparalleled platform in the world of men's fashion and lifestyle.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Edmond Kamara

C F Him has engaged in numerous collaborations and partnerships with renowned brands, including Marks and Spencer, Tom Ford, Aquascutum, and more. Visit his website and explore the exciting ventures that have shaped C F Him and expanded its influence in the industry.

Incorporating C F Him Principles

Cuts for Him

To incorporate the principles of C F Him into your own wardrobe and lifestyle, start by knowing and appreciating your unique sense of style. Curate a collection of items that suit you, regardless of the era they are associated with. Make every item in your wardrobe work for you and dispose of anything that doesn't serve you well.


Edmond Kamara draws inspiration from influential personalities such as David Gandy, Steve Onoja, Efe Turi, and Shawn Webster. These creative minds have helped to shape Edmond Kamara's sense of style and approach to fashion.

A Day in the Life of @CutsForHim

Edmond Kamara

Edmond Kamara balances his love for fashion with his everyday routine. Starting his day with devotional prayers and concluding with nocturnal editing sessions, this gives you a glimpse into a normal day in Edmond's life, revealing the workings of his inventive mind.

Key to Success

Edmond Kamara

The key to Edmond Kamara's success lies in defining and achieving personal goals on his own terms. These principles have guided him on his journey to find inspiration for his path to success.

Discovering SageBrown

 Edmond discovered the SageBrown brand a few years ago during an event at the Royal Exchange. SageBrown products left a lasting impression on him and suited his personal style.

What is your favourite SageBrown bag?

SageBrown Harvard briefcase, green bridle hide

Among the beautiful pieces offered by SageBrown, Edmond Kamara's favourite bag is the bridle hide Harvard briefcase in green. The sleek design and traditional timeless features make this bag stand out for him.

Summer Events

Fashion Industry Insiders

Edmond Kamara eagerly anticipates a fashion show and networking event he is curating. It's an opportunity to showcase different brands and raise funds for Create Art UK while celebrating the spirit of summer.

Outfit Selection

Cuts for him

Edmond Kamara's impeccable outfits for each occasion start by selecting the right suit and then build his entire look around it, ensuring a cohesive and stylish appearance.

Words of Wisdom to Fellow Dads

As a father, Edmond Kamara shares valuable advice based on his experience. Embrace the time spent with your children, create lasting memories, and provide them with love, protection, and guidance. Teach them kindness, integrity, and fearlessness in their pursuit of greatness.

Father's Day Celebration

Edmond Kamara plans to celebrate Father's Day with a delightful picnic in the local park alongside his wife and son. "Embrace the joy of making cherished memories on this special day."

Step into the world of C F Him, where individual style, comprehensive lifestyle coverage, and authenticity converge to redefine men's fashion and lifestyle.