Colours, inherently dynamic, act as a seasonal mood barometer. As autumn/winter 2023 approaches, we're witnessing a shift from vivacious hues to a more restrained palette, albeit with sparks of vibrancy. Dive into this season's defining shades, which lay the groundwork for a versatile wardrobe.

1. Red: The Statement Maker

Emma bag, red

This season, red reclaims its place in the spotlight. More than a shade, it’s a statement of emotion, vigor, and allure. Designers, captivated by its drama, introduced collections echoing the sentiment that red is not just vibrant; it’s vital. The runway was ablaze with fiery ensembles, showcasing red's undeniable presence and signature flair.

2. Grey: The Sophisticated Neutral

Mini Burnett, grey croc

As we brace for an overcast autumn/winter, grey emerges as the fashion world's response.The charm and versatility of this hue have been showcased extensively, from elegant charcoal gowns to boardroom-ready outfits. Clearly, grey is making a definitive statement this season.

3. Yellow: From Bold to Buttery

Julia bag, yellow patent

Defying its controversial reputation, yellow has made an emphatic return. While some showcased daring, saturated variations, others offered a milder take. With shades ranging from zesty mustard to gentle buttermilk, expect your Instagram feeds to be awash with this sun-kissed hue.

4. Black: The Timeless Classic

Victoria bag, black 

Black, a perennial favorite, secured a significant position this season. Various collections this season underscored why black remains a staple. Simple, sleek, and always in vogue, when you're uncertain about your outfit choice, let black be your guide.

5. Pink: The Barbiecore Resurgence

Heidi bag, pink croc

 The vivid and vivacious pink, reminiscent of Barbie's iconic style, has staked its claim. Several collections showcased a range of brilliant pink outfits, while others added a touch of '90s nostalgia with shimmering metallics.

6. Whites: From Weddings to Wardrobes

Betty bag, white croc

Whites, typically reserved for bridal wear, are now making waves in everyday fashion. Whether it's modern bridal attire or the ingenious incorporation of bridal elements into casual pieces, white emerges as the season's unanticipated hero.
In conclusion, this season beckons a mix of classic shades and unexpected vibrancy.

Embrace these trends and revamp your wardrobe with the colours of autumn/winter 2023.

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