As we step into the vibrant seasons of spring and summer 2024, the fashion world buzzes with excitement over the latest colour trends. SageBrown is thrilled to introduce the new PANTONE palette that promises to redefine your style with its refreshing and dynamic hues. From the depths of the ocean to the zest of spices, these colours invite you to explore a world of bold expressions and subtle elegance.


Spring Summer 2024 fashion colours



Heidi bag, turquoise croc

Merging the tranquility of Horizon Blue with the trendsetting appeal of the Heidi Bamboo Handle Bag in Turquoise Croc from SageBrown, we find a perfect harmony of calm sophistication and runway flair. The Spring/Summer 2024 fashion scene, adorned with the full spectrum of blues, celebrates this serene yet invigorating colour, making it a versatile choice for your wardrobe. The Heidi Bag, with its vivid turquoise hue, is not only universally flattering for all skin tones and hair colours but can also be stylishly paired with contrasting colours, from bright neons to cherry red, adding an essential, sophisticated touch to any ensemble.


Cassidy Bag, cobalt

The Cassidy Woven Slouchy Bag in Cobalt from SageBrown perfectly encapsulates the essence of Strong Blue, a colour that inspires boundless thinking and confidence. This vibrant hue, ideal for adding depth and a statement to any attire, is splendidly embodied in the bag's luxurious leather weave. Its design and colour make it an exemplary choice for those who seek to infuse their wardrobe with a touch of boldness and sophistication.


Mini Morgan bag, green ostrich

The Mini Ostrich Leather Morgan Bag in Petrol Green from SageBrown beautifully embodies the essence of Bistro Green, a colour that symbolises richness and stability. This deep, hearty green hue, exquisitely presented in the luxurious texture of genuine ostrich leather, adds a substantial presence and elegance to any ensemble. Ideal for those seeking a sophisticated and stable accessory, this bag is a testament to the power of Bistro Green in enhancing the overall appeal of one's attire.


Burnett bag, yellow

The SageBrown Leather Signature Burnett Bag in Spicy Mustard Yellow Croc is a bold fashion statement, embodying the exotic and vibrant Spicy Mustard hue from the 2024 Spring/Summer palette. Its luxurious crocodile embossed texture adds sophistication, while the spacious and well-organised interior makes it both stylish and functional. This versatile bag is perfect for elevating any outfit, from professional attire to casual wear.


Ladies backpack, tan

The resurgence of brown hues, especially in the '90s trend revival, is prominently featured in this season's fashion landscape, with top brands incorporating it across boots, bags, and clothing in their Spring/Summer collections. The Ladies Backpack in Tan from SageBrown exemplifies this trend beautifully, blending a classic colour with contemporary style. This backpack, in its rich chutney shade, is a stylish nod to the widespread comeback of brown, making it a must-have accessory that complements the latest fashion statements.


Clarice bag, orange

The Leather Clarice Tassel Bag in Orange from SageBrown is a perfect manifestation of Pantone's Colour of 2024, "Peach Fuzz", a hue that has dominated the Spring/Summer 2024 runways. This vibrant orange bag, resonating with the spectrum from soft peach to vivid orange, reflects the recurring theme seen in top designers' collections. Its incorporation into the Clarice Tassel Bag, combining both leather's richness and the playful lightness of a tassel, makes it an on-trend and stylish accessory aligned with the year's leading fashion narrative.


Melissa bag, red

The Melissa Slouchy Leather Woven Bag in Red from SageBrown encapsulates the essence of the fiery and impassioned Fiesta red, a colour that celebrates life with its vibrant energy. This striking red bag, with its luxurious hand-woven texture, not only uplifts the spirit but also ensures that you turn heads wherever you go. It serves as the perfect accessory adding a burst of lively colour and style to your ensemble.


Julia bag, patent yellow

The Leather Julia Bag in Yellow Patent from SageBrown is a prime example of the enduring "quiet luxury" trend that continues to shape fashion colour trends in 2024. Its pale yellow hue, a new and versatile neutral, captures the essence of minimalist and classic style. The bag's colour, which can shift from deep cream to subtle beige under different lighting, embodies this adaptability, making it not only a smart colour investment but also a reflection of its rising popularity on the runway.


Mini Harmony bag, lilac croc

The Mini Harmony Music Handbag in Lilac Croc from SageBrown elegantly encapsulates the sophisticated blend of purple and pink set to be a significant trend in Spring 2024 fashion. This subtle yet impactful hue adds both elegance and contemporary flair to any ensemble, perfectly mirroring the blend of warmth, elegance, and modernity that these colors represent. This bag is a stylish reflection of the upcoming season's trend, offering a chic and modern touch to your wardrobe.


Victoria bag, sage green

The Small Envelope Shoulder Bag Victoria in Sage Green from SageBrown perfectly captures the essence of the fresh and zesty Tarragon colour, celebrating life's finer details. This Tarragon-inspired sage green hue adds just the right amount of flair and it's an ideal accessory for those looking to infuse their style with a touch of understated elegance and a zest for life.

These colour trends for Spring/Summer 2024 offer a palette that is both versatile and exciting. Whether you're updating your wardrobe with the latest trending handbags or looking to incorporate these colours into your everyday style, these hues are sure to keep you at the forefront of fashion. Embrace these colours and make a statement with your style choices this season!

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