Vintage Harvard with silver brass lock, brown

Going back to work has never been so stylish with SageBrown's Harvard briefcase collection. These men's briefcases are not just a style statement; they are a daily companion for the sophisticated professional. Here's an overview of the impeccable features and variations of the Harvard briefcases that SageBrown has to offer.

Harvard Briefcase: Unveiling Its Unique Features

Harvard briefcase features

Craftsmanship meets functionality with the Harvard briefcase by SageBrown. At first glance, the gentle curved lid captures your attention, offering a distinct character to its design. This is complemented by the feature lock that ensures security without compromising on style. Durability is evident in its robust handle, but for those who prefer a hands-free approach or require added flexibility, there's a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap available.

Harvard briefcase interior

Once opened, the interior greets you with genuine suede lining, meticulously designed with two main pockets, a zip pocket, and suede slip pockets. These compartments are tailored for organising your personal effects seamlessly. Further enhancing its utility is a leather card holder within, ensuring your professional cards remain in pristine condition. Moreover, an added zip pocket on the back offers easy access for frequently used items.

Harvard briefcase lock types

While the fundamental design remains consistent, what distinguishes each Harvard briefcase is the choice of leather type, lock style, and the hardware. These variations are more than just aesthetic choices; they influence the price range, allowing every professional to find a Harvard briefcase that fits their style and budget. With SageBrown's Harvard collection, utility and luxury aren't mutually exclusive; they're a given.

In this blog, we'll walk you through the various leather and lock options to help you make a knowledgeable choice on the one that's right for you.

The Essential Harvard Briefcase: Understated Elegance

The Harvard briefcase with combination lock, dark tan

Introducing the Harvard "entry level" briefcase, where simplicity meets luxury. Made from our timeless cowhide leather with a subtle waxy finish, it features a complementary ivory suede interior.
The distinct square combination lock ensures both style and security. Elevate your professional look effortlessly with the Harvard Premiere briefcase.

Distinct Elegance: The Pebble Grain Harvard Briefcase

Pebble grain Harvard briefcase, green

This timeless Harvard briefcase, crafted in resilient calf hide , showcases a sophisticated pebble grain effect with a matt finish. Enhanced with a handcrafted silver brass lock that offers both security and elegance, it's the quintessential accessory to make a lasting impression at work.

Brass Lock Beauty: Unmatched Security with Style

Leather Harvard with brass lock, tan

This vegetable tanned Harvard briefcase with solid handmade brass lock sets a new standard in men's leather briefcases. Not only does it offer enhanced security, but it also adds an artistic touch to this premium men's briefcase.

Vintage Leather: A Timeless Classic

Vintage Harvard, silver brass lock, black

The Harvard briefcase, crafted in vintage leather, stands as a pinnacle in men's briefcases. It seamlessly blends the allure of yesteryears with today's practicality, striking a chord with the refined gentleman. Further enhanced with a handcrafted silver brass lock, it beautifully marries contemporary flair with classic elegance.

Burnished Leather: A Splash of Colour

Burnished leather Harvard, burgundy

Burnished leather undergoes a unique polishing process where heat and friction, are applied. This technique melts the wax introduced during tanning, and upon cooling, produces a lustrous sheen. The outcome is a radiant, high-gloss surface that augments the leather's beauty while bolstering its sturdiness and moisture resistance. The Harvard briefcases, crafted from this burnished leather in shades like burgundy or navy, stand out distinctly. They're ideal for those who appreciate a fusion of classic craftsmanship with modern colour palettes. Featuring a solid brass lock, and this standout bag is sure to command attention in the office.

Bridle Hide Excellence: SageBrown's Harvard Craftsmanship

Bridle leather Harvard briefcase, brown bridle hide

For enthusiasts of traditional bridle hide, SageBrown presents the Harvard briefcases in the exquisite bridle hide variant. Every stitch in these men's leather briefcases radiates unparalleled quality. Bridle Hide stands out as a superior leather, lauded for its lasting durability and graceful ageing characteristics. Sourced from Walsall, England, this leather is luxuriously treated with multiple layers of waxes and tallow, yielding a sleek yet enduring material synonymous with high-end leather goods.

The SageBrown Harvard briefcase encapsulates elegance and resilience. Crafted from traditional English bridle hide, it boasts the additional refinement of a handcrafted matt brass lock. Leather conisseurs will be particularly enamored by the evolving natural patina, which enhances its beauty as time progresses. It's more than just a briefcase; it's a testament to style, making every entrance at work a memorable one.

Here's what a happy customer has to say:

Customer review for the Harvard briefcase

“First, this is an absolutely magnificent briefcase. I work in corporate law and have owned and come across all manner of bags from different companies. I would put this bag right up there (or better) in terms of quality and design. The bridle leather is beautiful and of the highest quality. Trust me when I say that the price of this bag goes beyond reasonable to unbelievable. You will not find another bag like this at this price point. Second, the customer service is really above and beyond. There was an issue with an import fee that was in no way the sellers’ fault. However, they worked quickly to get it resolved and the package arrived here in the United States 9 days after being ordered. Couldn’t recommend more."

Elevate Your Briefcase with Personalised Engraving

For a one-of-a-kind touch, personalise your briefcase with engraved initials on the upper part of the lock. Simply click on "Personalisation", input your initials, and choose the engraving option. The cost will be added during checkout. Kindly allow 5-7 working days for personalisation.

Your Next Best Investment

Burnished Harvard briefcase, navy

Returning to work deserves a splash of elegance and practicality. The Harvard collection offers a variety of men's leather briefcases that not only meet the demands of the modern professional but also elevate style. Make a statement with SageBrown, where leather briefcases for men is an art, and owning one is a privilege. Explore the Harvard collection today and redefine your professional journey.

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