What is Bridle Leather? 

Bridle leather is soft and supple calf hide that has been heavily oiled, conditioned, and finished with a wax sealant to preserve it’s appearance and physical integrity. It gets its name from what it was originally created for - a bridle - the straps on a horse's head, to connect to the reins. It is very strong and long lasting, but more importantly, it is very beautiful and naturally produced.

Bridle hide briefcase

Qualities of Bridle Leather

1. It must not have any imperfections which will weaken the leather and it must age well.

2. It must be smooth, comfortable and supple to handle. As it's originally used for making bridles, it must also be comfortable next to the horses skin. The treatment on the flesh and skin sides are equally important and must be smooth.

3. It should be strong and durable over a long period of time and still look good after it gets wet or dirty

RFID bridle hide wallet

SageBrown source the best quality English Bridle Leather to make their beautiful products that include briefcases, portfolios, wallets, small leather goods and many more. Connoisseurs of leather will really appreciate the natural patina that develops from the hide, becoming dramatically more beautiful over time.

Solid brass buckles, sourced from Walsall, the heart of the British saddlery industry, are also a feature on many of their products. The combination of true craftsmanship, with the most beautiful leathers and quality hardware create pieces of art to be cherished for years to come.

Bridle Leather Care

Bridle leather qualitites

Bridle leather is impregnated with oils, fats and waxes to make it strong, and keep it supple. The white deposit you sometimes see on bridle leather is tallow, migrating to the surface of the leather. The bridle we use is of the highest grade, and the oils, waxes and tallow are hand worked into the leather, to achieve a high degree of penetration.

Although we polish all Sage Brown bridle items at the final finishing and inspection stage, the whiteness will migrate back to the surface after a period of time. This is quite normal, and is a sign of the high quality of bridle we use demonstrating the degree to which the waxes fats and oils have penetrated into the leather (lesser 'bridle' leathers can have a finish sprayed on at the end of it's process).


Polished bridle hide

The leather, if brushed with a soft cloth or a clean brush, will buff back to a beautiful shine. The whiteness is a sign much appreciated by connoisseurs of leather.