The Oxford Dictionary describes a belt as “A strip of leather or other material worn, typically round the waist, to support or hold in clothes or to carry weapons.” The need to hold one's pants up has made belts indispensable for men since the 16th century.

However if you think men's leather belts are just for keeping trousers up, think again. Brown or black, burgundy or tan, rugged or designer, a good leather belt makes a real fashion statement. It adds a personal touch to your outfit, creates a clear distinction between your top and bottom half and ties an outfit together.

SageBrown's belts for men have recently featured in a photoshoot for a new collection of Henry Arlington Shirts. This has inspired us to write a blog about belts and their importance to complete an outfit.

Things to consider when buying a belt

Do you know your belt size?

It is often indicated in inches or centimetres and corresponds to the length of the strap. It should be measured from the buckle to the mid hole – which is where it should be fastened, allowing for slightly higher or lower waist trousers and the natural variations in waist circumference we all go through. Make sure the belt width fits through the belt loops with your shirt tucked in when trying it on.

Blet size guide


Belts vary widely in cost and very often it's determined on the quality of the leather used.

A good men's belt will be made of a soft, supple leather which flexes both ways without being brittle or cracking. Construction is the other major factor affecting the price of a belt. Look for small, tight stitching with no loose ends wherever the leather has been sewn. Buckles that can be detached in some way can be changed out, while a buckle stitched in place is the only one you can wear with the belt — some men may find the flexibility of a detachable buckle worth paying more for, especially in good leather. 

The belt below comes with two square buckles in silver and gold which can be changed around according to your outfit, style or mood! Measuring 47 inches/ 120cm long x 1.5 inches/ 3.5cm wide this belt can also be adjusted in length by unscrewing the buckle and cutting off the required amount. Whether buying on line or in store we offer a custom-cut service to give you a belt that fits perfectly to your waist.

General Styling Guidelines

A man's belt is first placed through the loops on the left side of his trousers. Therefore, before the belt is done up, the buckle is on the left and the open end is on the right. After the buckle is cinched, the unsecured flap is on the left side. 

A belt is essentially a mid-sectioning line that cuts your body into two halves, creating a shortening visual effect. If you dress to look taller, make sure to match your belt with either your trousers or your shirt/jumper, making the ‘line’ less pronounced. If you are a taller male and looking to break up your vertical line, complementary colours or clashing hues work well, so take advantage of this effect with bright belts, or detailed styles.

A good belt should improve what you're wearing and should reflect your personality whether it's for formal or casual wear.

Formal Belts



A reversible black and brown belt is an ideal formal belt and offers a 2 in 1 option. Try to match the colour of the belt with your shoes. Handmade in the highest quality calf leather, this belt can be adjusted in length by taking the buckle off and cutting to size. The buckle also rotates so that you have the choice of two belt colour combinations and a choice of two belt loops, one in each colour.

If you wear male jewellery of any kind like cufflinks or a tie tack, the buckle should be in the same colour family. Silver accents should go with a silver belt buckle and gold with gold. A wedding ring is always an exception — there’s no need to restrict yourself to gold accents for your entire married life. The ring is understood to be a gesture independent of your personal style. 

Casual Belts 

You can express your personality and be more experimental with your casual belt. Casual wear allows more variability for material and colour. Canvas, fabric, woven, suede or leather belts are all appropriate. A colour other than black or brown is allowed in order to bring out a colour located elsewhere in the outfit. A tan or natural leather belt can be worn with jeans, chinos or casual trousers and is a colour that you can easily work into your existing wardrobe. 

Statement Belts

Make sure you look for details that make your belt unique and wear it wisely. Rare animal patterns can be very expensive, but should still be considered casual wear. Real crocodile skin is another option but keep in mind how much attention you want being drawn to your midsection. That’s where people’s eyes will be going if the belt is the most distinctive part of the outfit.

All SageBrown belts are made from premium grade calf leather and suede with either a smooth or crocodile skin texture. We also have some unique ostrich and real croc belts too. The classic designs are available in an array of wonderful colours and buckle options to suit many different outfits and moods. If you cant find what you're looking for in this blog, SageBrown has a whole section dedicated to men's belts.

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