The Roaring Twenties was a time when many people defied prohibition, indulged in new styles of dancing and dressing, and rejected many traditional moral standards. It was a period when society was returning to normal after the First World War and the general mood was positive. This decade was a time when fashion took a turn from the conservative, old styles into a new era of fashion.


100 years on and many of the most popular men’s dress styles today are still modelled from the fashion of that decade. Heavy wool dark coats, vintage tweed suits, newsboy flat caps, tweed waistcoats, and penny collar shirts are some of the timeless garments that are becoming super trendy in the UK thanks to the Peaky Blinders drama. It’s the British drama series based on a gangster family after the First World war lead by Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) as they try to run the city with their corrupt activity. The programme hasn’t only taken over our TV screens though, it’s also influenced our fashion sense and inspired many themed bars and restaurants.


If you are looking to up your fashion game, you can’t go wrong with mastering 1920s style. It was an effortless, classy era of men’s fashion that paved the way for many of our more modern styles. To bring you a contemporary take on the 1920’s dapper Peaky Blinder look we’ve teamed up with luxury men's brand Harvie and Hudson of Jermyn Street, London to revive this inspirational British elegant style. Loved by the likes of Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Tom Cruise, Harvie and Hudson is synonymous with tradition, style and luxury for those in the know.


So let’s start from the top……



Hats in the 20s depended largely on which class you belonged. Flat caps were largely worn by the working classes. This baker boy hat from Harvie and Hudson is made from 100% wool in navy or olive green. It's the perfect iconic newsboy flat cap that represents the distinctive members of the gang and can make or break your look. Wearing a hat is essential to bringing back the class and dignity of that era of dress.



Cold weather dictated an overcoat. This type of coat reached well below the knee and was made of thick material such as wool in Prince of Wales check, herringbone tweed and other heritage patterns. However, you'll do just as well with plain dark shades of charcoal, navy, olive green and black.
Harvie and Hudson's stylish Covert Coat in navy (left) is made from 100% pure wool, which features notch lapels and a contrast velvet collar. It is designed with three buttons, one vent and three straight pockets with flaps. This contemporary Navy Covert Coat is ideal for layering over a suit. The Lovat Green Coat on the right is made from a mixture of Wool and Cashmere and is currently in the sale.




The Shelby family style is easily recognised by its tailored three-piece suits, usually paired with cropped or trousers with turn ups and the waistband came far higher than the wearer’s natural waist.

The Jacket

This tan and sky blue Harvie and Hudson Scottish wool tweed suit is cut generously through the chest and waist for ultimate comfort. The jacket has twin vents, corozo buttons and premium brown felt under the collar for you to have the option to pop the collar up. Nail that modern heritage look with this smart jacket for a stylish addition to your spring/summer wardrobe. 

The Waistcoat

Part of the look of the 20s suit is achieved by wearing a waistcoat, essential to the overall look. Waistcoats streamline the center of the body and highlight the high lapel. Check out the matching wasitcoat here.

The Trousers

With a two day turnaround, some trousers at Harvie and Hudson can be bought with an unfinished length so you can determine the finished length yourself. Slightly cropped trousers were very fasionable in the 20's, so you can always make  tweaks to your style and modernize it without trying too hard. The shape of these check trousers are comfortable, contemporary and long-lasting and available in three different colourways.


One of the most instantly recognisable aspects of the Peaky Blinders style is the gang's stylish penny collar shirts. Featuring a smaller, rounder collar than your usual button-up, a penny collar acts as a solid middle-ground between the granddad collar and traditional collar shirt.

If you’re looking for incredible men’s shirts designed in the UK then you will be pleased to know that the Harvie and Hudson shirt is unrivalled! Their classic cut provides you with a generous fit that will feel incredibly comfortable and keep you looking handsome. The slim fit shirts will make you look smart and presentable because they have been designed to fit perfectly. Different weaves create different characteristics and will determine how your shirt looks and feels so peruse their infamous shirt collection here.


Leather Accessories

If there’s a rule that any men should learn from Peaky Blinders is to understand how important men’s accessories are to identify a personal style. Accessories often get sidelined but add the finishing touches to any outfit. Harvie and Hudson has a vast accessory collection to complement every gentlemen's outfit. You will find everything you need from tiesbracescufflinkshankerchiefsunderwear and socks to name a few. Combine these to add a modern pop of colour. Click here to view their accessory collection.

The Bag

For men who love looking stylish team your outfit with one of our SageBrown leather bags.

Messenger Bag


This popular leather courier messenger bag can be worn across the body, or on the shoulder and can be used as a casual or relaxed business piece. Handmade from durable cowhide and luxuriously lined with suede, this bag will certainly stand the test of time. The front features a flap over lid with two discreet magnets to secure the corners in place. Flip up the lid to find a spacious single compartment, secured with a leather strap and metal loop. Inside is a leather bound zip pocket, a suede slip pocket and leather pockets for a mobile device, three pens and three cards. In front of this compartment are two expandable pockets and another zip pocket can be found on the reverse. The adjustable leather and canvas shoulder strap can be extended to a maximum length of 150cm and can be worn across the body to keep hands free for other luggage. 

Leather Gladstone Bag


Using many traditional techniques, this retro doctor's style bag is made in the finest quality leather with a light wax top finish to show the character of the natural grain. The shape of this desirable holdall echoes that of the classic Gladstone Bag. It is both spacious and versatile and makes for a perfect bag for men. It is simply understated class and will serve you well for years. It has great character and will be admired by many.


Constructed using our timeless vintage calf hide, luxurious contrasting suede lining, and solid brass silver nickel lock clasp, this beautifully proportioned briefcase is ideal for professionals who want to impress. The case features a round silver nickel brass lock and key with discreet magnetic clasps in the corners of the flap. Inside there are two main compartments separated with a zip pocket. Inside the back pocket there are three suede pockets for personal devices and a leather card holder for three cards. For added convenience, on the reverse of the briefcase there is a separate pocket with zip fastening. You will also find a detachable, adjustable shoulder strap to carry in comfort. A really stylish way to arrive at work and impress.
The overcoats of the time featured several deep inner pockets, perfect to house a tall wallet in the breast pocket, hip flask, gloves and glasses case.

The Wallet


SageBrown has a vast collection of tall wallets that fit neatly into the inner pockets of overoats or suit jackets. This traditional brown wallet has a pop of colour inside that you can match with other accessories.

The Hipflask


Our handsome 5oz leather covered stainless steel liquor flasks are the perfect gift for the man who has everything. They are large enough to quench your thirst, and are the perfect curved kidney shape to slip neatly into your jacket pocket.  The perfect companion for all your outdoor pursuits.

 The Gloves


Our best selling men's elegant Italian gloves are hand stitched in the finest nappa leather with luxuriously soft rabbit fur or cashmere lining throughout. Slide your hand into this super soft glove for the most fantastic warm feeling. It combines perfectly with suits and coats for the colder spring days. Available in brown and black in various sizes.

The Glasses


Round frame glasses were the fashion at this time. To protect your glasses, SageBrown have 2 different size leather spec sheath cases handmade from the finest calf leather in a smooth or croc skin texture. With a luxurious ivory suede padded interior these are an ultimate essential accessory. View the full collection here.

The Collar Bone Case


Another pocket sized product is our novel collar bone wallet, designed for carrying all those stray shirt collar bones that normally don't have a home and get lost. Handmade in fine calf leather in classic and contemporary colours, this is an ideal travel companion or a stylish accessory on your dressing table. Open the tab to reveal a luxurious contrast suede lining and space for 8 collar bones.

The Accessory Box


To store all your accessories in one handy box, no person could resist this accessory box designed to enhance any bedroom, boudoir or night stand. It's also perfect for carrying your accessories when you travel as it's light in weight with a secure magnetic closure. Inside is divided into three compartments which are are ideal to store rings, cuff-link and watches and on the inside of the lid are two leather loops to store shirt collar bones. Handmade in fine calf hide with luxurious contrast suede lining, available in classic colours.

The Belt


Also around this time waist belts became more popular. As trousers slimmed, men preferred these belts to hold them in place rather than braces. SageBrown have a vast selection of belts in two different widths. Textures include a smooth or croc skin effect, suede for a more casual look or reversible belts in a choice of two colours. Peruse our collection here.

The Watch Roll 

If you prefer not to carry a pocket watch as they did back in the day then the modern alternatives are to wear a watch or use your smartphone. You can protect your favourite watches in this stylish, compact watch case with removable contrast suede padded roll to accommodate 2 or 3 watches. The tubular design means that it can fit neatly into your luggage and stays secure with a strap and buckle fastening.This ideal travel companion is handmade in the finest calf hide in a smooth or crocodile skin texture with a silver buckle.

The Tie Case



An exceptional useful idea for men who travel for work and need to bring their ties with them for important meetings. This slim case, handmade in beautiful fine calf leather, comes in a smooth or crocodile skin texture and is secured around three sides with a zip that will keep the ties nice and flat, with no wrinkles. The inside features luxurious contrast suede lining, with three metal loops to thread your ties through, protected with a leather flap at the top. There are two adjustable leather straps to hold the ties in place and a small expandable zip pocket to hold tie pins, cuff links and other personal effects.


Although the whole Peaky Blinders wardrobe can be a bit over the top,  you can always make some tweaks to your style and modernize it without buying the whole outfit. We hope this blog has inspired you on how to update and accessorise your look with items that you may already have.

Shopping with Harvie and Hudson and SageBrown is easy. Simply browse online at or visit both flagship stores which are a stone's throw away in Piccadilly, London. 

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