A leather wallet is the most common accessory men carry with them these days.
A lot has changed recently with more and more people prefering to pay contactless. We no longer need bulky wallets stuffed with banknotes and so people are de-cluttering their wallets and going for a more slimline option that can slip into the side pockets of their pants or trousers.

But are money clip wallets really better than traditional wallets? What are their advantages? Which one is best for you?

It’s time to dig deeper into this “money clip vs wallet” thing and get some answers.

What is a leather money clip wallet?

Money Clip Wallet

A leather money clip wallet is a bifold compact card holder wallet with a high-quality stainless-steel silver money clip integrated on the inside of the spine. This spring-loaded clip pulls down so you can insert your cash under the clip and then springs back into place to hold your money securely.

What is the difference between a bi-fold wallet and a money clip wallet?

Bi-fold versus Money Clip Wallet

A bi-fold wallet (also called a billfold wallet) is the conventional men’s wallet with a separate compartment for banknotes. It’s typically much bulkier than money clip wallets.
A money clip wallet is smaller and more compact than a bi fold, and features an external wallet money clip.

What are the advantages of a money clip wallet?

A wallet with money clip has a slim profile and is compact and discreet. As there is not a separate section for banknotes, this reduces the bulk of a traditional wallet for a more minimalist sleek accessory that discreetly slips into your jacket or trouser pocket without distorting the overall silhouette. Nobody will ever notice you are actually carrying a wallet. Unlike wallets and purses, you don’t have to deal with zippers, interior pockets, dividers, or compartments. Taking out cash is as simple as unclipping the money. If you are always on a rush, clips are a must-have.

Are clip wallets slim?

A wallet with a money clip is slim, compact and the perfect minimalist wallet with zero bulk to put into your front or hip pocket. 6-8 credit cards can be stored in the card slots and your banknotes are placed under the metal clip to remain thin and discreet.

Are money clips safe?

Are money clips safe?

Your cash is held in place with a spring-loaded clip, that has been tested to hold your cash securely so you can be confident that your money is safe.

How does a money clip wallet work?

A properly manufactured money clip, ideally crafted from high quality stainless steel, works through the sprung tension of its material. You simply fold bank notes and slip them into the money clip, which should be strong enough to hold them securely.

How do you use a money clip wallet?

Slim down your wallet by opting for a wallet with money clip. Aim to carry only the essentials in your wallet so that it doesn’t distort your pocket. Store cards can be stored on your mobile phone and receipts can be sent via email. A few banknotes and a couple of credit cards are all you need. Simply insert your banknotes under the metal money clip in the spine and add credit cards in the slots. The clip reduces the bulk of the wallet so it stays discreet in your pocket.

How much money can a money clip hold?

Flat Magnetic Money Clip

This varies on the money clip design, the capaciousness of the clip and the denomination of bank notes. When using a magnetic money clip, a lot of people tend to fold their banknotes in half before securing under the clip, whereas in a metal money clip wallet the banknotes lie flat underneath the clip.

What is a RFID money clip wallet?

RFID Money Clip Wallet

A clip wallet that incorprates RFID blocking lining to give you peace of mind that your cards are safe from contactless payment theft. This fine lining is placed behind the credit card section so that your cards and identfication cannot be scanned.

What is a magnetic money clip?

Magnetic Money Clip

A magnetic money clip is hinged and uses a super strong magnetic clasp to securely hold your banknotes. Simply fold your money in half and put under the magnetic hinge clip without the risk of the magnetism affecting your credit cards.

Can money clips hold credit cards?

This varies on the design. Some have space for one card and a wallet with a metal money clip has space for 6-8 cards. SageBrown leather money clip wallets for men feature credit card slots for a slim alternative to the conventional billfold wallet. All the edges have been hand turned and scored for that extra touch of quality

Which pocket should I put my money clip wallet?

A money clip wallet is most likely to be carried in the front pocket of your trousers or jacket so that when you sit down it doesn't bend the metal clip. Some may prefer a rear pocket or side pocket on cargo trousers. It’s your preference but you can be assured it will be slim and discreet.

Can I personalise my money clip wallet?

Personalised money clip wallet

If you’re looking for a smart leather personalised wallet for men, SageBrown offer a personalised embossing service to make your wallet extra special. Embossing embellishes the leather by indenting uppercase initials or wording through pressure. We offer blind embossing (no colour), gold or silver in Helvetica font. For up to four characters including full stops, if required, there is a flat price of £15.00.

What leather is used for the money clips?

SageBrown leather money clip wallets are handmade from premium calf leather chosen for its beauty, feel and durability. Available in smooth and crocodile skin textures in classic and contemporary colours, so you can make a lasting impression, wherever you are.

Are SageBrown leather money clip wallets durable?

SageBrown leather money clip wallets feature folded credit card edges and premium metal clip components for extra luxury and durability. All SageBrown wallets are embossed with the words "SageBrown Fine Leather", a mark you can trust to be your perfect daily companion.

Can I design my own money clip wallet?

SageBrown probably has the largest independent wallet collection in the UK. However, if you can’t find what you're looking for then we offer a bespoke service, satisfying even the hardest to please. Please contact us to discuss.
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